Errorist – Manage Multilingual Website Content Efficiently

Errorist is a website theme designed originally with foreign language students in mind. Specifically, to support a workflow where students manage their grammar exercises under Git and GitHub, and post their exercises in a blog, highlighting the errors they made – hence the name.

That being said, you can build a ’normal’ multilingual, multi-authored responsive website with Errorist. For that part, you will enjoy efficient and robust content management in multiple languages with minimal editing efforts. Multilingual captions and author’s names stick to the photos, protecting you from editorial embarrassments.

Thanks to the way the content is structured with Errorist, your Markdown files will also contain less code noise than usual.

Finally, Errorist is a text-only theme – it doesn’t include a single image of its own. That puts your content – articles, photos, videos, graphs – into the spotlight.

Built with Errorist theme for Hugo site generator.