Indonesian Pronouns, or Who Exactly Do You Mean by 'Us'?

There are two pronouns for the first person plural: kita (inclusive), and kami (exclusive). Tina isn’t going to Jakarta with Peter and Dita (Tina is not included = use kami), neither is she returning with them (Tina is not included = use kami). But, once Peter and Dita are back, they go all together to a restaurant. In this case, Tina is included, so use kita.

Fill the gaps with appropriate pronouns in the following dialogue.

Peter dan Dita pergi ke Jakarta. Tina tinggal di Jogja.

Dita: Tina, … pergi ke Jakarta. Saat … kembali mari … pergi ke Kesuma restoran.

Tina: Andy dan Ria pergi juga?

Dita: Tidak, … harus bekerja.

Tina: Dan Anto?

Dita: … bekerja juga.

Tina: Berapa lama libur kalian?

Dita: Empat hari.

Tina: … iri padamu.

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