Install Errorist – the Short Story

Install Hugo static site generator first.

Recursively clone the bootstrapping project:

git clone --recurse-submodules

This pulls the Errorist theme as a git submodule and provides you with a skeleton project that needs only a few things to configure. Change into project directory and start the Hugo server:

cd errorist-bootstrap
hugo server -D

Open http://localhost:1313 in your browser. You should see a welcome message, and a link to the manuals. You will also notice that two languages – English and Russian – are already pre-configured. This is done for the sake of a contrasting multilingual example, just to show you the ropes. Languages can be easily added or removed.

Go Through the Tutorial

It is strongly advisable to go through a quick hands-on tutorial . Errorist core features require a particular content structure, and the tutorial is the quickest way to grasp it. Errorist will, of course, work with any setup as far as the core functionality of Hugo is concerned, but it will also be limited to just that.

Configure the Authors

Open data/authors.yaml, read the comments, and configure one or more authors by example. It’s YAML format, so keep an eye on indentation.

Configure the Languages

Open config/_default/languages.yaml, read the comments, and configure to your needs. You might want to this step later, though, after you’ve tried things out.

Adjust Internationalization (I18N for Short)

If you’ve added new languages, you will also need to add translation files, one per new language. Create i18n directory in your project root, and copy the English translations file to be used as a template (for German in this example):

mkdir i18n
cp themes/errorist/i18n/en.yaml i18n/de.yaml

Open i18n/de.yaml and change English translations to German.

Adjust Archetypes

If there were changes in supported languages, you will need to add/remove index*.md files accordingly. That is, for each file under archetypes directory in your project, you will need an index.<LANG>.md file for each language you support. To remove these files for Russian (if you are not going to use Russian), run

find archetypes -name '' -exec rm '{}' \;

Adjust _index.*md Files in the Image Bundle Directory

If there were changes in supported languages, you will need to add/remove kontent/images/_index*.md files accordingly. By default the only language-specific part is the file name itself, so mere copying will do.

Clean up Tutorials and Examples

# Re-create kontent/
rm kontent/
hugo new

# Remove test image bundle
rm -r kontent/images/plain-blue

# Remove the manual
rm -r kontent/manual

# Remove the Git remote (and maybe add yours later)
git remote remove origin

You are ready to create content and publish your website.

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